Monday, October 17, 2016

Timeless: The Hindenburg

I’ll be honest—I tuned into this show because back during the summer, it was announced that Sean Maguire would be a guest star on one of the episodes. When I checked out the premise, though, I realized that it appealed to my inner history nerd and my Whovian side. After watching it, I’m definitely hooked even beyond Sean’s appearance.

Let’s take a look at the first episode, hmm?

We open the day the Hindenburg lands in New Jersey. As a crowd watches and the people aboard eagerly await landing, we see the ground workers pulling the ropes to bring the dirigible to ground. A soldier approaches a woman with a camera, asking her if she’s ever seen anything so big. She makes a quip about men being impressed with size before turning back to the Hindenburg.

A worker in the Hindenburg touches something that sparks, igniting the hydrogen in the dirigible. It goes up in flames as people try to escape and fall out. As it comes down, the woman with the camera tries to outrun it but ends up caught in the inferno as we hear those famous words—“Oh the humanity!”

We cut to a university at night. Abigail Spencer, whom my longtime readers (do I even have any?) will remember as Blah-Blah from “How I Met Your Mother,” is teaching a class and talking about LBJ’s dick. I’m not even kidding. She ends the class when she sees David Sutcliffe come in and gets a bad feeling.

Outside, they are arguing as he says he had to cancel her tenure meeting. She asks why and he starts to mention something about the board thinking…but then she cuts him off so we don’t know why the board doesn’t want to consider her for tenure. Abigail—whose character name is Lucy—points out that her mother built up that department, it’s her legacy and Lucy’s destiny so David Sutcliffe could give her tenure but doesn’t want to. She then storms off.

At a giant warehouse, people continue to work the night shift as two men watch it from a van. Inside, an older gentleman tells a man named Rufus that it’s his turn to pick the tacos for taco night. He suggests Rufus take Jiya, one of their coworkers Rufus has been making eyes at, with him. Rufus grows nervous but agrees.

Then the two men storm the facility and start shooting. They demand everyone get down as they climb into the giant metallic CBS logo sitting in the middle of the warehouse (I seriously think CBS might have missed a big opportunity here). Before anyone can stop them, the CBS logo starts spinning before it disappears with a giant whoosh of air as everyone watches, shocked.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

OUAT: Obsession

Last time on “Once:” A dirigible from the Land of Untold Stories crash-landed in Storybrooke and our heroes braced themselves for an influx of new people. Hyde kept smirking about the place, believing he owned it. Our heroes quickly put him in his place and he was given residence in Zelena’s old cell.

Speaking of Zelena, she moved in with Regina. And continued to show questionable parenting skills. She also lost the feather Roland gave her to give Regina. While she bottled up that rage, I didn’t. But after a talk with Snow, Regina finally had it out with her sister. Zelena gave it right back and then decided to move out.

Emma started to experience a tic with her hand as well as a terrifying vision of her fighting a hooded creature. Her family grew concerned and sent Archie to talk to her. She resisted, asking Hyde what he knew. He advised her to follow the bird. It lead her to a little girl that had been with Aladdin and Jafar in the cold open, who told her that she saw her own death—the hooded creature would run Emma through with a sword.

Of course, she decided not to tell her family.

Meanwhile, Rumple used some dust Hyde gave him to enter Belle’s dreams so he could wake her. Morpheus greeted him and brought him to where Belle was spending her dreams—in a replica of Dark One Manor. But Rumple needed to remind her of how much she loved him through recreating the Beauty and the Beast dance. It also reminded her of all the horrible things he had done to her so she rejected him. Morpheus praised her, revealing that he’s really their unborn child. He told her not to go back to Rumple and then used True Love’s Kiss to wake her. Belle peaced out of there while Rumple seethed.

As the people from the Land of Untold Stories came to Storybrooke, Regina and Snow had a heart-to-heart in which Regina decided to start a new story for herself. One without the Evil Queen. As she embraced that, a feather floated down. Of course, unbeknownst to her, the Evil Queen was already in town and buttering up Zelena.

Uh oh.

We open in the cemetery as the Evil Queen and Zelena head to Regina’s vault. Since Regina used blood magic to seal her vault, the Queen easily gets past the protection spells and heads inside. She raids Regina’s stash while Zelena asks why she’s there. The Queen says she needs Zelena’s help and is hoping that she won’t tell Regina that she’s back. Not yet. Zelena looks torn as the Queen appears set on getting her revenge on Regina for trying to get rid of her.

(Zelena isn't too sure about this)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

OUAT: Letting Go

Last time on Once: THEY KILLED ROBIN!

(Nope, still not over that)

Henry decided to destroy magic, causing his mothers and grandfather to chase after him. He succeeded…just in time to learn most of his family was trapped in another world. They all had to work together with the Dragon to try to bring magic into the world and Henry recruited a bunch of New Yorkers to help. With their help, they were able to restore magic and open a portal to save the others.

Snow, David, Zelena and Hook needed to be rescued from the Land of Untold Stories. They had befriended Dr. Jekyll, who helped them break out of an asylum. But it also meant dealing with Mr. Hyde, who separated himself from Jekyll. The heroes saved Jekyll and he came with them to the Land Without Magic AKA our world.

Jekyll brought back the serum he used to separate Hyde from him. He gave it to Snow, who gave it to Regina to use. With Emma and Snow watching, Regina used it and separated the Evil Queen from herself. She took out the Queen’s heart and crushed it, killing it and ridding herself of her evil side.

Rumple traveled to the Land of Untold Stories and made a deal with Hyde to get Belle in the Box back. That deal? He gave Hyde Storybrooke for the people of the Land of Untold Stories to move into. The others discovered this when Hyde showed up to ruin the moment after Henry’s first kiss with Violet. Regina was pretty much “Not another idiot thinking he can take my town from me. When will they learn?”

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen materialized in the Dragon’s shop. Regina didn’t kill her and now, she’s out for revenge.

And that brings us to Season 6…

(Another shot of a rider on a horse)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Return of Robin Hood

Last May, Once Upon a Time killed off Robin Hood in the penultimate episode of Season 5, "Last Rites." If you read my recap here, you would remember that I got very ranty about it.

My anger about it simmered all summer long. And I was not alone. Hoodies and Outlaw Queen fans were angry and upset. We let the producers, Adam and Eddy, know. Often. And loudly. Yet it seemed like our pleas and complaints fell on deaf ears. As multiple interviewers kept asking them about Robin, they kept insisting that he was dead and not coming back. We continued to complain but doubted we'd see any change.

Especially when Adam and Eddy made a comment before the season 6 premiere that they get about 3000 tweets every 2 seconds and still didn't seem affected by that. We were told "dead is dead."

Then came Tuesday, September 27th.

Entertainment Weekly posted an exclusive story online--Sean Maguire was returning as Robin Hood!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

OUAT: Mad as a Hatter

Last time on “Once’s” first season: Emma booked Mary Margaret for suspicion regarding Kathryn’s murder. She protested her innocence even as the evidence piled up against her and Regina got involved. Gold apparently also can practice law so Mary Margaret hired him to be her lawyer while Emma set out to prove her friend was framed.

Henry tried to help her but grew moody when he realized everything continued to point to Mary Margaret—especially when a hunting knife was found hidden in her room. August gave him a pep talk, revealing he knew the truth about Storybrooke. Afterwards, Henry found his mother’s skeleton keys and proved that Regina could have gotten in to steal Mary Margaret’s jewelry box and plant the hunting knife.

Proving it, though, was going to be difficult. So she told Mary Margaret to hold on and then went to Gold to get his help. He agreed.

Meanwhile, David went to Dr. Hopper to try to unlock the mystery behind his blackouts. But his Enchanted Forest memories started to bleed through, unfortunately making him believe that Mary Margaret had meant to hurt Kathryn. When he went to talk to her, she sent him away—heartbroken that he wasn’t giving her the same support she had given him.

So where were his memories coming from? From when Snow had taken the potion to forget him—they also took away her ability to love and turned her into a sociopath. She snapped at the dwarfs and then decided to kill Regina, even going to Rumple for help. Charming found her and tried to use True Love’s Kiss but she knocked him out instead. She tied him up and told him that she valued actions over words.

Taking her words to heart, Charming was freed and he jumped in front of the arrow to keep Snow from going dark. She’s surprised by how much he really does love her and True Love’s Kiss worked that time. But their reunion was short-lived as King George’s men hauled Charming away. Snow vowed to find him and got help from the dwarfs, who forgave her for her bad attitude.

After she found a key to her cell earlier, the episode ended with a shot of Mary Margaret’s empty cell.

Uh oh.

Mary Margaret runs through the forest and she stops, leaning against a tree as she tries to catch her breath. She looks determined and pauses only a moment before running again.

(She's determined to win the cross country meet)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

OUAT: Snow White and the Bad Attitude

Last time on OUAT Season 1: It was a Ruby/Red centric episode! After a fight with Granny, Ruby quitted her job and moved out. She ended up staying with Mary Margaret and Emma. After witnessing Ruby answering the phones at the station, Emma decided to give her a job and let her help with the Kathryn Nolan case. Ruby was able to find an unconscious David, who Whale believed was having blackouts related to his coma, and then she located a box buried in the woods with truly horrifying contents. It made her re-evaluate her life and she returned to the diner, where Granny admitted she was harder on Ruby because she planned on turning the diner over to her one day. They then hugged it out.

In the Enchanted Forest, Red Riding Hood was chafing under her grandmother’s restrictions. She had fallen in love with her childhood friend, Peter, but Granny disapproved. And with a bloodthirsty wolf on the prowl, Granny refused to let her out often.

Red found Snow rifling through their henhouse and the two became fast friends. She confided about her feelings for Peter and then enlisted Snow to help her kill the wolf. As they tracked it, they determined the wolf was also human…and was Peter. So Red told him and offered to chain him up so he wouldn’t hurt anyone that night. Then they would run away together. It was a good plan except for one problem…

Peter wasn’t the wolf. Red was.

Granny and Snow arrived too late to save Peter but Snow took Red, running away with her to save her from the mob.

Emma informed David and Mary Margaret about what was in the box—a heart they believe to be Kathryn’s. David collapsed in shock that he could do something. Emma, though, said that the prints didn’t come back to him—they came back to Mary Margaret.

dun dun DUN!

We open in the Enchanted Forest. King George’s army chases Red and Charming as they ride across the snow covered fields. As they close in, Red decides to send Charming on ahead while she holds them off. She tells him to find Snow as she glances at the full moon over head. Red takes off her cape and charges at the soldiers, wolfing out.

(They're doomed)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

OUAT: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

Last time on OUAT Season 1: Emma investigated Kathryn’s disappearance, with Sidney and then Regina encouraging her to arrest David. Her gut told her that David wasn’t involved but she took him in for questioning anyway.

Meanwhile, Miner’s Day approaches and Mary Margaret had difficulty getting volunteers since no one wanted to work with her. But Leroy ended up volunteering after meeting Sr. Astrid. When he overheard that Sr. Astrid made a mistake that could cost the sisters’ their convent, Leroy vowed to help her make up the money they needed to pay Gold their monthly rent. Mary Margaret thought he done lost his mind.

They failed to sell any candles but Leroy lied to Sr. Astrid. He then tried to sell his boat to raise the money but Gold salivated at the chance to evict the sisters. Sr. Astrid discovered Leroy’s deception and ran off, betrayed.

In the Enchanted Forest, we learnt that dwarfs are hatched from eggs fully grown. They then get their names from their magical pick axes. And Grumpy was originally called Dreamy. He met a fairy named Nova (Sr. Astrid) and they fell in love, making plans to run off. But Chieffy the Dwarf and Blue convinced Dreamy otherwise. So he broke Nova’s heart and turned into Grumpy.

After a pity party with Mary Margaret, Leroy found a way to sell all the candles—he caused a blackout. Sr. Astrid forgave Leroy and Mary Margaret got the town’s forgiveness. Now, she just had to worry about David.

We open in the Sheriff’s station as Emma talks with David. She shows him Kathryn’s phone records but he swears he never talked to Kathryn. He didn’t even make that call. Emma says she knows he’s telling the truth but she can’t explain the phone records. She lets him go home but advises him to get a lawyer.

(We were paying that much for phone service?)