Saturday, May 2, 2015

Outlander: J’Accuse

Last time on “Outlander:” Jamie hopes the Duke of Sandringham will help remove the price from his head. Claire warns him about his suspected ties to Black Jack so Ned works out a plan to force the Duke’s hand. Claire also gives the Duke a little incentive and Jamie agrees to help him with a duel.

Meanwhile, Claire learns from Laoghaire that she got the ill wish from Geillis. Geillis then tells Claire that she’s pregnant with Dougal’s baby and she’s trying to get their spouses out of the way. Claire didn’t even know Dougal had one. But then she dies, then Geillis’ husband dies and Claire doesn’t think Geillis had much to do with the former but knows she was responsible for the latter. Jamie has to go away but he warns Claire to avoid Geillis. But when she gets a summons, Claire goes to Geillis’ and the two are arrested for witchcraft.

Credits! I noticed that they changed the credits a bit. Not in images, but who they credit. Tobias Menzies’ name appears nowhere. Instead, Lotte Verbeek (Geillis) and Bill Paterson (Ned Gowan) appear with Caitriona and Sam. Neat.

Monday, April 27, 2015

OUAT: If She Doesn’t Scare You, No Evil Thing Will

Last time on “OUAT:” We spent most of the time with Robin Hood and his family as they settled into New York City. Robin misses Regina and Marian misses her husband. Then Gold shows up and collapses with heart problems. He tasks Robin with stealing something Zelena sent with Walsh and he does. But in the process, Gold (and the audience) learn Marian is really Zelena. She’s been masquerading as Marian for the entire season in order to ruin Regina’s life. She makes a deal with Gold to save his life and then as “Marian” forces Robin to make a choice. He chooses “Marian” and Outlaw Queen fans everywhere reached for their alcoholic beverage of choice.

In the past, Robin tries to go straight for Marian but the Sheriff of Nottingham makes it difficult. Rumplestiltskin offers to help if Robin will steal something from Oz for him. He agrees and Robin meets Will upon arriving in Oz. Will asks for some of the potion Rumple wants for himself. Robin agrees but is caught by Zelena. He does give Will the only vial of the potion he got, returning home empty-handed. Robin decides to return to thieving, but adopts his “steal from the rich, give to the poor” mantra. Marian agrees to stay by his side through it all.

Also, Gold lets Regina call Robin…but she gets her sister instead. He tells her to help him turn Emma dark or Zelena will hurt Robin. Regina chooses Emma over Robin.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outlander: Dangerous Moves

Last time on “Outlander:” Jamie, Murtagh and some other MacKenzie men stormed Fort William to rescue Claire. They then froze her out until Jamie punished her for disobeying him and putting everyone in danger. He spanks her and she then freezes him out as they return to Castle Leoch. There, Colum learns that Dougal and Ned have been raising money for the Jacobite cause and he’s not happy about it. But Jamie convinces his uncle to support it, so Colum gives them the money. He also decides to invite the Duke of Sandringham for a visit. Jamie apologizes to Claire and the two have makeup sex. After, Claire discovers an ill wish and Jamie reveals it has to come from Laoghaire, who is heartbroken over Jamie and Claire’s marriage.

Cue the credits!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

OUAT: One Short Day

Last time on “OUAT:” We learned more about what Snow and Charming did to Maleficent’s child. Afraid about Emma’s potential for darkness, they agree to let the Apprentice transfer all of it into another vessel. They steal Maleficent’s egg, convinced it’s just a dragon. But during the ritual, they realize it’s a human baby. It’s too late and the egg—as well as Cruella and Ursula who tried to rescue it—end up in another world. Snow and Charming are racked with guilt.

Meanwhile, Regina tries to stall the villains from learning more about the Author but Gold figures it out based off a picture. Maleficent places everybody under a sleeping spell—except Mary Margaret, David and Henry are immune. Regina gets Henry to give her a fake page, allowing him to find the key to free the Author. After debating burning the page, Mary Margaret and David come clean to Emma. She frees the Author—despite August telling her that he was shady and that’s why he was trapped. Gold realizes Regina is playing them and knocks her out, saying he has something that’ll convince her to play by their rules.

Excuse me while I catch my breath.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Outlander: The Rescue

Last time on “Outlander:” After their wedding, Claire and Jamie can’t get enough of each other. Jamie learns there might be someone who can clear his name and he goes out to meet the man. He orders Claire to stay behind but she runs off when she spots Craig na Dun in the distance. In the 20th century, Frank is standing by the stones as Claire runs toward them. Before they can be reunited, British soldiers haul her back to Fort William and Black Jack. As he’s about to assault her, Jamie appears in a window with a pistol, ready to rescue his wife.

Time for season one to continue!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nostalgia Nook: Murder, She Wrote

We love procedurals. And we love mysteries. I guess it’s trying to solve the mystery along with our sleuth. Or sitting on the edge of our seats, praying they figure it out before it’s too late.

I also believe we love to see sleuths who aren’t our usual ideas of detectives. Sure, we love our cops and our Sherlocks. But we also love our amateur sleuths, the ones who fall into it for other reasons. For my most reason example, I cite the new CW show iZombie. Liv Moore (Rose McIver) just wants to be a renowned heart surgeon and marry her fiancé Major. But when she gets turned into a zombie at a party, her plans change. She takes a job in the medical examiner’s office, which gives her a constant supply of brains to eat. It comes with the side effect of her absorbing the dead person’s memories and traits until she’s done digesting the brain. She teams up with a detective and claims to be psychic to explain how she knows the things she does. Together, they solve crimes.

One of my favorite sleuths though is Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. So beware murders and SPOILERS!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

OUAT: One Wrong Turn

Last time on “OUAT:” We learned more about Ursula’s backstory—how her father made her use her beautiful singing voice to kill sailors as punishment for humans killing her mother. How Ursula rebelled and ran away, making friends with Hook. How Poseidon offered him a way to kill the Crocodile in exchange for his daughter’s voice, which he believed would take away her reason for running away. How Hook at first remained loyal to Ursula until Poseidon wronged him and so he wronged Ursula in retribution. How a bitter Ursula became the sea witch.

In the present, Hook tries to get Ursula her happy ending in order to get more information about Gold’s plan. Emma and her parents plot to rescue August, who reveals more information about the Author to the Queens of Darkness. Regina has a cryptic dream about Robin, leading her to ask Emma to track down her soul mate. A rescued August reveals that the Author is trapped in the book. Meanwhile, Ursula keeps her end of the bargain when her happy ending is restore. She tells Hook that Gold plans to turn Emma dark.

Are you keeping up?