Saturday, November 22, 2014


Last time on “ANTM”: Chantelle continued to rub everyone the wrong way. Kelly set the models loose on Seoul for go-sees. Chantelle didn’t win many people over and Will was too tall for the clothes. Keith and Lenox did the best but Keith won the challenge. After a photoshoot for shoes, Keith continued to stay at the top. Adam and Chantelle fell into the bottom and Chantelle was eliminated for a second time. Five models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

Ms. J pays a visit to the Model Suite! He tells them about Korean soap operas. And the models are going to be in one. Lenox is not thrilled about that, saying she gets nervous. Ms. J then reveals some of the script is in Korean. Keith is nervous about not remembering but he vows to make them like him. Ms. J tells them they are the top 5, the competition is on and they are not friends now. He wishes them luck.

Everyone studies their script. Will says he has to pretend to be straight again and is nervous. Adam is focused and says he can memorize lines easily. He celebrates that he doesn’t need the script and everyone is like “Wha?” Will and Lenox think he’s going to get in his own way.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OUAT: Frozen Heart

Last time on “Once”: Emma remembers an old friend of hers named Lily as she works to repair her relationship with Regina. Regina, meanwhile, is trying to find the Snow Queen in order to get her to unfreeze Marian. She teams up with Emma to find her as Elsa falls for one of her aunt’s tricks. David convinces Mary Margaret to join him for a walk to work on her attachment issues to their son. In the process, they discover Will’s escaped and go looking for him. Mary Margaret finds him and gets her spark back. Emma discovers the Snow Queen was once her foster parent as the Snow Queen vows to have a family who loves her.

And Marian is still a popsicle. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ANTM: Personality is Key

Last time on “ANTM:” The models landed in Seoul! Adam began drinking on the plane and didn’t stop. After Raelia won a dance challenge, the models checked out their new digs. They shot a campaign for MCM where Adam struggled, Chantelle made enemies and Keith had a breakthrough. In panel, Keith rose to the top while Chantelle and Raelia fell into the bottom two. To the models’ dismay, Chantelle got to stay while Raelia was eliminated. Six models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

The remaining models go back to their suite to see Keith’s best photo. He’s glad he has something to fall back on instead of football. Adam is reeling from being inebriated at panel. He vows to cut back—only beer from now. Will says he’s worried and doesn’t know if Adam is sober or not.

Friday, November 14, 2014

OUAT: Cold as Ice

Last time on “OUAT”: Anna encounters the Dark One and ends up helping him swipe the Sorcerer’s hat from the Apprentice. She learns that her parents intended to trap Elsa, afraid of her powers, and she returns to Arendelle upset. Hook, meanwhile, asks for his hand back for his date with Emma. The date goes well for the most part but Hook’s hand is a bad influence. To get Gold to remove his hand, he has to help him capture the Apprentice in the hat. Meanwhile, Emma chases the Snow Queen and Henry decides to work for Gold in order to get more information for Operation Mongoose.

And Marian is still a popsicle.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

ANTM: Shake It Off

Last week on “ANTM:” Recap episode!

Two weeks ago on “ANTM:” Chantelle won the comeback challenge! But the models still had to see who would go to Korea. They had to model while going through a haunted house. And then they modeled for a campaign encouraging people to wear condoms to reduce the risk of contracting AIDS. Mirjana struggles with Denzel’s elimination while Chantelle doesn’t endear herself to her fellow models upon her return to the house. In the end, she got best photo while Mirjana fell in the bottom with Raelia. Mirjana was eliminated as the other models got ready to fly to Seoul. Seven contestants remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

The models pack to head out to South Korea. Will explains why this is a big deal while Adam needs some help packing. Namely, he needs a beer. Keith says that his drinking is a bit over the top. Chantelle is celebrating being on top. She tells Keith he needs to take one of her bags and he says she needs to be polite. Lenox continues to despise Chantelle.

Shei talks about going home and says she’s attractive Adam. He sneaks into one of her confessionals (with a beer) and asks if she likes him. She plays it cool and says he’s a’ight. And then they make out. Shei’s like “SCORE!”


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nostalgia Nook: Chicken Run

There needs to be more Thanksgiving movies. So I’m doing a movie staring chickens because they’re close to turkeys. Right?

So, watch out for feathers and SPOILERS!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

OUAT: Snowballed

Last time on “Once:” Elizabeth Mitchell used her magic to set up Elsa by freezing Maid Marian. When Robin’s attempt at True Love’s kiss failed, he confesses it’s because he loves Regina. They still can’t be together and Regina removes Marian’s heart to save her until they can undo the spell. As a mob forms to chase down Elsa, she and Hook ask Mr. Gold for help in finding the real culprit. Meanwhile, Emma and David encounter Will Scarlet in Robin Hood’s camp and he leads them to the same answer: Elizabeth. She explains she was trying to show Elsa that people will only ever see her as a monster and Elizabeth also seems to know Emma. In Arendelle, Hans is preparing to attack. He plans to put Elsa in the urn in order to defeat her. So she and Kristoff go to retrieve first. But Elizabeth Mitchell is in the urn! She reveals she is Elsa’s aunt and that Elsa’s mother imprisoned her in the urn. Is she telling the truth? Who knows? It’s only episode 4 so it’ll be awhile until we discover that.

We open in a strange place a long time ago. An old man sweeps the floor, dressed in plain robes. Is he a Jedi? Anyway, a hooded figure enters the place. It’s the Dark One and the older man is the Sorcerer's Apprentice. He fights the Dark One, saying he’ll never get whatever it is the Dark One wants. But the Dark One overpowers him and approaches the strange box we saw Gold fiddling with in the premiere.

(He doesn't look like Mickey Mouse)
But wait! This Dark One is Rumplestilskin. No, it’s Zoso, the Dark One Rumple defeated in order to become the new Dark One. And he is thrown back from the box by the Sorcerer’s enchantment. The apprentice laughs at how the Dark One thought the Sorcerer wouldn’t make sure to protect it well from all the Dark Ones who keep trying to get whatever’s in the box. They will never succeed. 

(Blast from the past!)
Except clearly Rumplestilskin has. Mr. Gold still has the box in his possession and has unlocked what’s inside. Hmm…

CREDITS! It’s a walking broom!