Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ANTM: How Not to Use Your Head

Last time on “ANTM”: Mirjana moved on from Matthew to Denzel while Matthew moved onto Will (!). The models do a photoshoot where they have to hold weird poses because they will flip the pictures for a cool effect. But the big thing was: Makeovers! Kari came close to having a meltdown but no true hair-related breakdowns. In the end, Ben rose to the top while Kari and Chantelle fell into the bottom two. Romeo’s magic proved strong when Chantelle was eliminated. Twelve contestants remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

The models return to see Ben’s first photo. He and Adam hang out in the Tyra Suite. Adam promises to return the favor when he wins. He says he wants to win the competition to move out of the cubicle. Will, meanwhile, is surprised Chantelle went home.

Keith is in love with Kari. Everyone decides to play truth and dare. Matthew dares Kari to make out with Mirjana. Everyone is excited over that. Kari and Mirjana agree. Everyone thinks it’s sexy, which is a bit hypocritical after everyone went nuts over Will and Matthew’s kiss. Romeo, meanwhile, talks about his dark powers of being able to take people out of the competition. Seriously, it’s freaky.

Wanna be on top?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Outlander: On the Road

Last time on “Outlander”: Everyone gathers at Castle Leoch. Claire this decides this is a great time to escape, but finds many obstacles in the form of a lovesick teenager and several drunken men. When she gets out to the stables, Jamie informs her why this is the worst time to escape. He escorts her back to the castle but they are spotted. Jamie is forced to stand before Colum, where he could risk death by either taking an oath of loyalty or refusing to. Jamie manages to say the right things and gets to play in their reindeer Highlander games. After watching how she handled the death of a man on their boar hunt, Dougal tells Claire she’s coming with him to collect the rent.

CREDITS! What to say this week…Hmm, I guess not much. I think I’ve gushed over them long enough. Sorry, guys.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Doctor Who: Journey to the Center of a Dalek

Into Darkness or “Rehabbing a Dalek”

As Clara befriends a new teacher at her school, she’s pulled into an extreme counseling session between the Doctor and a supposed “good” Dalek. It still kills—but for good!

We open in the middle of a battle as two soldiers try to fend off an attack. But it’s a futile task as their enemies are Daleks. You knew they would pop up soon, right. As one soldier falls to the Daleks, the other finds herself on the TARDIS bridge with the Doctor. She demands to know where her brother is but the Doctor reveals he could only save her. Pointing her gun at him, she identifies herself as Journey Blue and demands to be taken back to her ship, the Aristotle. But the Doctor keeps interrupting her and saying she’s doing it wrong. Finally, she asks politely.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ANTM: Lust and Voodoo

Last week on ANTM: The final fourteen models walk a runway showing off the latest in silly string wear. They moved into the house and Mirjana continued to flirt with Matthew while Keith began wooing Kari. But when Mirjana reveals she has a boyfriend, Matthew cools towards her. Tyra is there on their photoshoot as they also film the opening credits. Keith’s photo rose to the top. After saying Romeo said he wanted her gone, Ivy fell after landing in the bottom two with Will. But Ivy has a chance to come back. Thirteen models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

The models return home to look at Keith’s photo on the screen. Matthew makes a joke about looking at “manaconda” all week. “Manaconda” is the nickname Tyra gave to Ketih’s…er…package. Denzel is jealous and talks about losing his father as an infant. He says his grandfather and godfather were his role models. He wants to see an alpha male.

Kari continues to stay with Keith in the Tyra Suite. And they will get treats at the next photoshoot. As they climb into bed, Kari talks about having walls up that Keith is going to have to work to bring down.
Mirjana and Matthew talk and she says she needs her space. He’s chilly to her. Downstairs, Mirjana seems to move on to Denzel because he can make her laugh. Will, meanwhile, is annoyed by Mirjana. Matthew watches as she flirts with Denzel.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doctor Who: Like Clockwork

Deep Breath or “Call Back”

Steampunk comes to Doctor Who as Moffatt seems to try to stuff as many callbacks into one episode as possible.

(Hmm, the new Jurassic Park movie is looking pretty good)
There’s a dinosaur in Victorian London! It stomps around the River Thames, coming very close to Big Ben. People gather around as a black carriage pulls up. Out pops Vastra, Jenny and Strax, come to investigate. Vastra tells Jenny she hasn’t seen a dinosaur since she was a child as everyone wonders why it’s there. A man believes it is choking and Vastra agrees it has something stuck in its throat. The dinosaur coughs it up—it’s the TARDIS!

Let’s talk about the credits—I like them. They seem to have a heavy gear and cog theme but it looks good. And I like the shot of the eyes from the 50th anniversary.

Outlander: The Not-So Great Escape

Last time on Outlander: Claire got to work as Castle Leoch’s resident healer and the residents kept her busy. Meanwhile, a young boy fell ill after visiting the Black Kirk, said to belong to the Devil himself, and people believed demons took him. Mrs. Fitz’s nephew also falls ill but Claire is the only one who doesn’t believe he is possessed. Geillis warns her to stay away but she doesn’t. After a visit to Geillis’ where Claire experiences some 18th century punishment, she asks Jamie to take her to the Kirk. There, she discovers the boys ate a poisonous plant and she is able to save the boy. In doing so, she makes an enemy of the local priest and assures the fact that Colum would not let such a talented healer go. But a song about a person who fell through the stones and managed to go back gives her hope of returning to 1946 and Frank.

CREDITS! It’s now a tradition, it seems, for me to talk about the credits here. I guess now I must comment on how brilliant it was that they keep the credits faceless. You can still tell who is who, but you don’t actually see their faces. Brilliant.

Friday, September 5, 2014

ANTM: A Deluge of Everything

Last week on ANTM: It was the second half of the casting episode! The remaining 22 contestants had to quickly change and board a subway to take pictures…four times. Most got left behind, leaving only Matthew and Danny standing. Matthew wins the challenge. Romeo continues to dislike Danny and Mirjana jumps on board that wagon. On a beach, Kelly introduces them to their new creative director—Yu Tsai. After some solo pictures in order to get advice from Yu Tsai, the models posed for a group shot on the beach. Tyra, Kelly, Yu and Ms. J went through the pictures and made their final picks. Tyra revealed the finalists and sent the rejects—including Danny—home. Fourteen contestants remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

Nostalgia Nook: Timmy the Tooth

Growing up, my family would make regular trips to BJ’s warehouse store. I loved these trips for a few reasons: Free food samples, a stop at the computer store across the way and a new Timmy the Tooth video. My sister and I loved these silly little specials.

And now I’m going to tell you why.

Eww, that was a horrible transition. Sorry.

Do I have to put a SPOILER warning up? Really?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Outlander: Things Beyond Your Ken

Last time on Outlander: Claire arrives at Castle Leoch and befriends the housekeeper, Mrs. Fitz. She continues to tend to Jamie’s wounds and learns more about the mysterious young Scot in the process. Claire meets the Laird, Colum MacKenzie, who is suspicious of her. The entire castle is, except Mrs. Fitz and Jamie it seems. And Geillis Duncan, who befriends Claire. Just as Claire spies freedom, Colum yanks it from her and declares she will be their new healer.

CREDITS! And I finally found out the name of the song used for the opening credits—“Skye Boat Song.” I’ve heard it before; George Donaldson sang it on the Celtic Thunder DVD Heritage. But it only appears on the DVD, not the CD.