Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HIMYM: Mosby Boys!

We keep journeying to the end. Hang on!

We open with Robin catching up with her mother. Ullman can’t wait to meet Barney. She hopes he’s nothing like Robin’s father was. Ullman says there were a lot of warning signs before the wedding. Like how he was a playboy who slept with a lot of women. And was engaged to a stripper at one point! Sound like someone we know?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

OUAT: What is This Feeling?

Things are moving fast here in the second half of the third season! Hope you are keeping up!

So Emma dives in to try and figure out what exactly is going on. But the people of Storybrooke are no help. They remember saying goodbye to Emma and Henry as they crossed the town line and then they were waking up in their beds back in Storybrooke. Really, the only way they know time passed is because Mary Margaret looks like she’s going to give birth any minute now. Hook doesn’t have any more answers, just that he received a note and the vial of memory potion by bird one day. He figured Snow White sent it to him and David agrees it does sound like his wife. But of course she can’t remember if she did send the message or not. Emma decides to start with the last person who cursed Storybrooke: Regina.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nostalgia Nook: Reading Rainbow

Oh my goodness! How did I miss my scheduled deadline? My bad.

This month, we look back at a beloved childhood show. And since I’m a bookworm, it deals with books!
Take a look, it’s in a…Wait. Do I need to do a spoiler warning? I don’t think so. But just be careful anyway.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

OUAT: No One Mourns the Wicked

I don’t think I’ve recapped this since the season premiere back in 2011! But I feel like I’ve neglected this blog as of late. The tumblr I created for this blog is more active than this place! So I’ve decided to start recapping more. And I’ve decided to use Wicked song titles…even if they don’t exactly fit.

We open in the Enchanted Forest. Prince Philip rides up to a waiting Princess Aurora. They have a sweet reunion where Aurora says she’s hungry. Philip teases her about always being hungry and that’s because Aurora is pregnant! This cute Moment of Matrimony is interrupted by a giant purple cloud overtaking the Enchanted Forest. Philip recognizes it as magic and he and Aurora take cover. When the cloud dissipates they look up to find the denizens of Storybrooke standing there. Aurora recognizes Snow and rushes to ask her what is going on. “We’re back,” Snow says. And I was trying to figure out why Charming had blood on his shirt when it hit me—he was stabbed before the curse sent everyone to Storybrooke. Nice continuity, show!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


We’ll get more into that title later.

Instead, we open at the Farhampton Inn in 2024. A snowstorm rages outside as Ted and the Mother sit inside, alone. She comments that they made it just in time and that the storm looked bad. Ted says that this isn’t the worst storm he ever encountered. He starts talking about the Fiero Fiasco, but the Mother has already heard the story. So he tells about the time he and Barney took over MacLaren and Lily got stuck on her flight back to New York…but the Mother heard that one too. So then there was the time Marshall got stuck on the roof while putting up decorations…which (sing along if you know the words!) the Mother has already heard. Ted wonders if maybe Lily told her the story, but the Mother points out that the story contains a word (“ragamuffin”) more suited to Ted’s vocabulary. (And mine. What?)

So the Mother decides to tell a few stories of her own, but Ted’s heard them all as well. They realized they’ve heard everyone one of each other’s stories. Ted declares that it’s official—they are an old married couple. After a beat, the two smile and high five each other in celebration.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HIMYM: Weekend at Barney’s

Sorry for the sporadic recaps.

We start on the day of the wedding with ten hours to go. And Barney is out cold from all he had to drink the night before. The problem? Robin’s dad has paid for wedding pictures that morning. And he’ll be pissed if they have to cancel. So the gang has to get Barney awake and sober.

Ted, though, wonders if that’s necessary. After all, Barney is incapable of taking a bad picture. We flashback to the episode all about that. Remember? Back when Marshall and Lily lived in DoWiStrePla? When Ted was dating a new girl every week in the wake of Stella breaking his heart? How Robin tried all episode to get a bad picture of Barney and failed? Time to rely on his superpower now!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Nostalgia Nook: “Luck of the Irish”

Time for a Disney Channel Original Movie or DCOM! I should probably do more of these. But in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (which is why this is delayed to then), I present this original movie!

A pot of gold and SPOILERS!