Sunday, February 11, 2018

Once Upon a Time: Journey’s End

It’s official—Season 7 of Once Upon a Time will the show’s last. ABC, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis announced it Tuesday, February 6th, ahead of the show’s return from the midseason hiatus on March 2nd.

Is this a surprise? Honestly, no. It was touch and go for Season 7 last May. Even with the announcement of the reboot, most of us went into this season with the belief that it could very well be the last. It looks like we were right.

What happens now? Well, we’ll see how the final episodes have played out. Adam and Eddy have said that the finale they have planned will tie everything up, though it’s unknown if any past cast members will appear before the end of the series. According to an interview given by Adam and Eddy, the finale will involve another alternate universe (think Heroes and Villains or the Wish Realm), so who knows what that will mean.

There will probably be a lot of speculation in the coming months as we approach the finale. People will probably be calling for certain actors (Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Emilie de Ravin) to return and may phrase their statements as if they are coming back. We won’t really know until there are official announcements from the production and/or the actors themselves.

What about me?

I will continue to recap the remaining episodes of Season 7. Then I will go back and finally finish recapping Season 6 before continuing with my Season 1 recaps until we get back to where I started recapping on a regular basis. Maybe by then, I can watch Outlaw Queen start all over again without either crying or being angry at everything we could’ve had but didn’t.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated and let’s enjoy the last moments we have in this world of fairy tales together.

Once Upon a Time returns Friday, March 2nd at 8PM.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

In 1995, Robin Williams starred in a movie where he played a man who had been trapped in a board game for decades. Bonnie Hunt and a young Kirsten Dunst went along for the ride and we watched jungle animals take over a small New England town.

That was Jumanji. And now twenty-something years later, Jumanji has been reborn for another generation. How is it? Let’s find out!

Beware snakes, stampeding rhinos and SPOILERS!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Christmas Prince: My Christmas Meh

Hallmark Channel may be the most well known for Christmas movies but they are not alone. Lifetime often runs Christmas movies throughout December as do some other channels. Even Netflix got in on the game this year! They’ve also repeated Hallmark’s tried-and-true girl-becomes-princess for Christmas plots. Lifetime’s offering is My Christmas Prince.

How does it hold up compared to Hallmark? Let’s take a look!

These are my Christmas SPOILERS!

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Gift to Remember: A Movie Not to Forget

Time for another Hallmark movie! Like “A Song for Christmas,” this is part of 2017’s batch of movies. And it’s not a “A Princess for Christmas” knock off! It’s a quirky girl meets guy she thinks she can’t have but starts to fall in love anyway movie. Does it work?

Let’s find out!

As always, SPOILERS!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Song for Christmas: A Review for Christmas

Tis the season! Hallmark Christmas movie season, that is! They started right before Halloween and I’ve already seen “A Princess for Christmas” three times…in the same week. I think I’ve also seen “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade” twice as well.

Of course, there’s a new crop of movies this year as well. I doubt I’ll review them all, but I thought I would at least try to review this one. So, grab your guitar and light your Christmas tree…oh…and beware of…


Friday, November 17, 2017

OUAT: Mother and Child

Last time on “Once:” Victoria grew desperate to break Lucy’s belief and the witch advised her to pluck it out by the roots. So Victoria jacked up the rent in hopes that it would force Sabine out, leaving Jacinda and Lucy alone.

Sabine, though, decided to take a risk and took advantage of Louie being out of town. She and Jacinda took over Mr. Cluck’s kitchen, making Sabine’s famous beignets and selling them as a one-day only type deal. People lined up and kept buying them, making the women hopeful as Lucy paid them a visit. She gave Sabine her new logo—a firefly.

Victoria found out about the beignet business and sent Wreck-It Ralph to destroy Mr. Cluck’s. Despite the fact that they were doing well, both Jacinda and Sabine took it as a sign that their dreams were not meant to be, they fought and Sabine started to move out—despite Lucy’s pleas not to.

However, Jacinda stopped Sabine and apologized. She revealed she had bought them a food truck so they could go into business for themselves and all was well.

Meanwhile, Rogers interrogated a guy who had a tattoo that matched a drawing the missing girl he’s been trying to find had drawn. The guy didn’t give him any information but toward the end of the episode, we saw him make a call to someone and warn that person that someone was on the trail of Eloise, the missing girl.

Ivy discovered her mother had a secret room at the top of the building and she called Henry to give him the dirt. Concerned about Henry’s relationship with Ivy, Roni intercepted one of Ivy’s texts and went to meet her in Henry’s stead. Ivy brought Roni up to the secret room where Roni found a picture that shocked her. She later showed it to Henry, apologizing for interfering. It was a shot of Regina and younger Henry in Storybrooke. Roni said she didn’t know where it was taken, insisted she never dressed like how she was in the picture and didn’t know the young boy. Henry informed her it was him and they were both shocked and confused.

Now onto the Enchanted Forest plot…

With the king raising taxes again, Eudora and Tiana were forced to auction off their things. It was something Drizella was happy to taunt Tiana for, insulting the quality of the items on display except for a medal. Tiana took it, saying her father’s medal wasn’t supposed to be there. She then bemoaned their situation to her mother, who said that times were tough and they needed a prince to save them. Tiana decided to go find said prince.

Tiana sought out Dr. Facilier, finding him in a tent city filled with peasants who beg her to help them. He chased them off and told Tiana that she would find her prince at the sign of the red crow. She thought he was full of it until she followed some crows to a pub called the Red Crow. Entering it, she was accosted by a drunk but a prince named Marius saved her. They flirted a bit and Tiana hoped she had found her people’s hero.

She took Marius back to her palace and showed him the medal her father won, telling him how her father went from cook to prince. Marius asked to see her again but she caught him stealing the medal. He admitted that Facilier made him do it because he was holding Marius’ true love hostage. He said he wasn’t a prince but a cursed man with the only way to break the curse being True Love’s Kiss. Tiana took the medal back and kicked him out.

Eudora then apologized to her daughter for shielding her from what was going on in the kingdom and for not recognizing that what they needed was in Tiana already. She told her daughter that she was her father’s legacy and pinned the medal on her. Tiana then went back to Facilier, giving him the medal and asking for the frog. The ruby in the medal restored his magic and he refused to give back the frog. Despite his magic, Tiana got the upper hand and took the frog. Facilier disappeared, promising that they would cross paths again.

Tiana returned the frog to Prince Marius. She explained that she was going to lead a rebellion to take the kingdom back and said that she would be honored to have him and his lady love join her. But he said that there was something else he hadn’t told her. He kissed the frog…and turned into one himself. Tiana watched them hop away, happy for them.

Ivy returned to the secret room and encountered the Witch. It soon became clear that they knew each other as the Witch asked if Roni and Henry trusted Ivy now. She believed they were starting to and the Witch praised her for her plan, like making Victoria think she was in charge. Ivy revealed she was in charge and that she was awake as she asks the Witch to call her Drizella.

dun dun DUN!

Roni and Henry are still puzzled over the picture she found in the last episode. He says that it looks like they were photoshopped into a scene from his book, saying that he’s the boy who believes in fairy tales and she is his mother—the Evil Queen. Roni doesn’t take that name well and goes to retrieve her trusty old bat from behind the bar to go after Victoria, who she is convinced is having a go at them. Henry calms her down and says they need to investigate further before they storm the Bastille Victoria’s office.

(It's Roni's bat!)
Jacinda then comes in and tells Roni that she and Sabine bought a food truck. But it needs a lot of work. She’s sold her tools and is hoping Roni has some she can borrow. Roni says that the bar is falling apart so of course she has tools, handing her a red tool box. Jacinda thanks her and Henry offers to help, saying he’s handy around engines for a writer. She shuts him down with a brisk no before leaving Roni’s. Henry wonders what happened and Roni says that if she were the Evil Queen, she could look in her magic mirror and tell him. All she can do, though, is offer him booze.

Good enough.

Friday, November 10, 2017

OUAT: I’m Almost There

Last time on “Once:” We said goodbye to Belle in an emotional episode. First, though, the Hyperion Heights plot.

It was Halloween and Ivy was forced to take Lucy trick or treating since Victoria didn’t want Jacinda near the girl after the community garden revolt. Lucy wanted to go see a haunted house but Ivy was too focused on herself to really care. So Lucy snuck off, leaving a panicked Ivy behind.

Meanwhile, Roni encouraged Henry to try to find love again and to ask Jacinda out. He went to her job to do that but Ivy burst in looking for Lucy. He offered to help look for her so Jacinda didn’t lose her job and she thanked him. After hours of looking, Ivy had a heart-to-heart with Henry where he encouraged her to take a chance and push back against her mother. They then realized where Lucy was and went to get her.

Ivy reunited mother and daughter, saying they could go trick or treating for the remaining hour and that she would handle her mother. Henry chickened out when he had his opening to ask Jacinda out and left, heading to Roni’s. Ivy met up with them and they shared some Halloween drinks.

Weaver visited Tilly to see if she had any information but all she had was riddles about masks and puzzles. She then accosted Victoria in her car and so Victoria ordered Weaver to not only make sure Tilly took his pills but was locked up. He was reluctant to lose his best informant but Victoria essentially blackmailed him into doing it.

Tilly, though, insisted that the pills made her small and foggy, that it was Victoria’s way of keeping her from remembering. From putting all the puzzle pieces together. She forced Weaver into coming with her so she could remind him who he really was as he wanted to get dirt on Victoria to essentially blackmail her right back. Tilly brought him to a storage container filled with a lot of things, including Chip. When Weaver tried to leave, she took his gun and insisted that he needed to remember who he was. She called him Rumpelstiltskin…and then shot him.

He came to in the hospital with Rogers by his side. Rogers assured Weaver that Tilly was back on her medication and Weaver ordered him to put that it was a masked robber who shot him in the report. Rogers agreed and went out to comfort a distressed Tilly, playing a game of chess with her.

Now, we leave Hyperion Heights for a moment to head back to Storybrooke, where Belle and Rumple were celebrating Gideon’s first birthday. All was quiet in the little hamlet but Belle was focused on getting everything ready in case a disaster struck. Rumple assured her that everything was fine and then gave her a book, saying it was a scrapbook for their adventures. After years of giving up her dreams for him, he was going to make sure she got to live them.

Rumple, Belle and Gideon left Storybrooke and went on a grand adventure throughout the realms. Rumple wanted to rid himself of the dagger so he could live a mortal life with Belle, but his plan didn’t work. So she promised that they would find a way and they returned to his manor. Adult Gideon went off to school while Belle found a prophecy that told them to go to a place where time stands still. Rumple knew where it was and took her there, where they had to wait for the sun to set.

Since it would take a long time for the sun to set, they built a little house and decorated it. They spent their days there, happy. Belle, though, grew older and older until she collapsed one day. She revealed that the prophecy meant that she needed to die and that he needed to believe in that their love would transcend death. Then he would find the guardian, the person destined to take the dagger and the darkness from him. They shared one more sweet moment and then Belle died.

Rumple and Gideon buried her. Gideon asked his father to let him take the dagger but Rumple was determined to find the Guardian. He took a portal, running into Alice just as Henry passed by on his motorcycle. And that was how Alice ended up in Rumple’s employ. But is she the guardian?

Back to Hyperion Heights to wrap up…Victoria visited Weaver to express her displeasure that he let Tilly go. He told her that Tilly wasn’t a threat and then said that she had no idea who she was messing with. He wasn’t going to be bullied by her and dropped a dearie, indicating that he was awake and knew who he really was. Victoria left and it’s unknown if she understood that. All that’s known is that she should watch her back.

Well, I think it’s safe to say things are going to get very interesting…

Victoria goes to visit the witch, bringing her some tea. She says she wants to apologize but the witch says that she’s finding it more difficult to break Lucy’s belief. Victoria concedes that and the witch tells her that Victoria sees belief as something easily removed but likens it to a weed. She tells her she needs to destroy its roots. Victoria then offers her some tea but the witch snaps that she wants her special tea, which Victoria offers to give her once she tells her what she wants to know—which one of Lucy’s roots does she start with?

(Someone needs a hair cut)