Sunday, October 26, 2014

ANTM: Gloves On!

Last week on “ANTM”: Ms. J showed up for a private lesson with Lenox, Shei and Raelia. He then revealed they would all be going to Style Fashion Week and everyone freaked out. Betsey Johnson was one of the four designers casting for runway. In the end, everyone but Denzel was cast in at least one show. The models than did a photoshoot for some hair products. Mirjana annoyed everyone on set as she fought with partner Keith. At panel, Will rose to the top while Lenox and Denzel fell into the bottom. Denzel was ultimately eliminated. But there was more! Tyra brought in the eliminated contestants, saying it was time to reveal the results of the comeback competition. Social media brought back Chantelle and Ben. But wait! There’s more! Tyra only has one ticket to Seoul, so one of them isn’t really coming back. Who gets to stay? Who has to go? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

Ben and Chantelle hug each other as they await to learn their fate. Who stays? Chantelle! I called it! Ben congratulates her with a hug and then Tyra congratulates her with her own hug. Chantelle is so grateful to the fans and vows to win. Adam believes Chantelle is now a threat and Shei agrees. But Shei says Chantelle didn’t even look at the other contestants when she was eliminated and calls her a sore loser. Tyra reveals there is still a challenge and photoshoot standing between them and Seoul. Only seven models will go to South Korea. Someone will be eliminated and there is no second chance. Everyone looks serious.


OUAT: Ice, Ice Baby

Last time on Once: Elsa put up an ice wall to keep everyone inside until they could find Anna. Then she accidentally encases Emma and herself inside the wall. David and Hook go searching for Anna in order to free Emma, who bonds with Elsa as she slowly freezes to death. Regina hides away after her breakup, even shutting out Henry. He sulks while the town turns to Mary Margaret to be their new leader. First order of business: restore electricity to the town. David learns he knew Anna as Joan, a young woman who helped him defeat the evil warlord, Bo Peep. He knows a way to find Anna and Elsa lets Emma go. As Henry barges into Regina’s solitude, Elsa tries to take the wall down. But it won’t. Does it have something to do with Elizabeth Mitchell, who is running the ice cream parlor?

Robin shows Marian around Storybrooke with Roland. He tells her that she’ll come to love the town as much as they do. He tells her everything that Roland likes and the cutie pie adds that he likes ice cream. He then asks for some but Robin says that Marian’s probably tired. Roland pleads with his mother, using the Regina card. So Roland gets ice cream at Any Given Sundae. Elizabeth Mitchell knows their favorite flavors, but not Marian’s. Robin explains Marian is new to ice cream. So Elizabeth gives her a plain cone with sprinkles. But she adds some ice magic to it.

(You can't deny those dimples anything)
This does not bode well.

Monday, October 20, 2014

ANTM: Betsey Johnson!

Last time on “ANTM:” Everyone but Denzel and Mirjana agree that the relationship is a bit one-sided. Kelly leads another challenge where the models have to model her own clothing line while taking pictures for Nylon Magazine. Denzel gets on Kelly’s bad side when he refused to listen. Then he gets on Mirjana’s bad side when Lenox clues her into how Denzel really feels. She also comes clean to her boyfriend about Denzel but he forgives her. Tyra reveals the results of everyone’s DNA tests before they do a photoshoot with Cory. At judging, Lenox once again rose to the top while Mirjana and Matthew fell into the bottom. In the end, Matthew was eliminated. Eight contestants remain—who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Everyone returns home to see Lenox’s photo again on the screen. She talks about how crazy it is that she’s been in the top 3 weeks in a row. Shei’s like “Congrats but stop hogging the top spot!” Lenox receives a card that tells her to pick two friends to share in the Tyra treat—whatever it may be. So she picks Raelia and Shei.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

OUAT: Winter Wonderland

Last week on “OUAT”: In Arendelle, Elsa and Anna prepare for the latter’s wedding to Kristoff. But Elsa discovers that her parents died while searching for something about her and feels guilty. Anna decides to investigate further. In Storybrooke, Elsa comes out and wants to find her sister. Meanwhile, Regina deals with the fallout of Marian’s return and goes to visit her mirror, Sidney. Emma and Hook deal with their growing feelings and Rumple finds a mysterious object in the house where he and Belle go on their honeymoon.


Elsa is still in Mr. Gold’s shop, holding Anna’s necklace. She vows to find Anna. But when she steps out into the street, though, she sees everyone whizzing by in their cars. Elsa declares that no one will be allowed to leave until she finds Anna. She goes to the town line and erects a giant wall of ice. Wonder how they are going to keep the denizens of Storybrooke trapped in 4B.

(None shall pass!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

OUAT: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

No, I won’t be using only Frozen songs for this arc. But I will probably be breaking out a bunch of Christmas ones because they reference snow. Enjoy!

In the season finale, Emma and Hook went back in time and screwed up her parents’ meet cute. Disguised as Princess Leia and Prince Charles, they worked to get the Snowing romance back on track. In the process, they rescued a woman from the Evil Queen’s dungeons and decided to bring her back with them to the future. Rumple locked them in his Vault of Things He Can’t Deal With and Emma’s desire to go home reignited her magic. She, Hook, and Mysterious Woman went back to Storybrooke where Mysterious Woman was revealed to be Robin Hood’s wife, Marian. There went Regina’s happy ending and my shipper heart broke. Mary Margaret and David named their new son Neal while Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke. Rumple and Belle were married, though he had yet to reveal she wasn’t in charge of his actual dagger. And an urn that came back with them opened as Queen Elsa emerged.

Once is Frozen.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

ANTM: Who Do You Think You Are?

Last time on “ANTM:” Mirjana and Denzel’s relationship annoyed everyone but Denzel and Mirjana. And Kelly, who thought it was cute. Everyone auditions for Lori Openden, head of talent and casting for the CW. Denzel won following his audition with Shei, which brought out Mirjana’s jealous side. Denzel then stuck his foot in his mouth, making a comment about Will and high heeled shoes. After a photoshoot on ice, Denzel is called to task for his comments. Lenox once again had best photo while Raelia and Kari fell into the bottom. In the end, Kari was eliminated. Nine models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

LA! The models return home so Lenox can admire her picture again. Will compliments her. Lenox says it’s an addicting feeling while Shei says she loved Adam’s. Raelia is still smarting from Tyra’s 4. It’s still higher than Lenox’s 1 from a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, time to revisit high heelsgate. Denzel and Will have a tete-a-tete. He explains that he was raised by his old-school grandfather and was trying to move past the biases he was raised with. Will explains where he came from but understands that Denzel is trying to move past his prejudices. He and Denzel agree they are friends. Happy ending!

Wanna be on top?

Nostalgia Nook: Halloweentown

It’s October! You know what that means—time for ghosts, goblins, witches and other spooky things. It means it’s time to discuss a Halloween movie!

Hop on your broomstick and avoid the SPOILERS!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Outlander: Past and Present

Last time on “Outlander:” Wedding bells all around! Jamie and Claire got married and spend time in the 18th century version of the honeymoon suite. They talk about their families and generally get to know each other. Jamie also tells Claire about how the wedding day came together, which is good because she was buzzed for most of it. She warms up to Jamie and the rest of the episode can be summed up in this gif:

CREDITS! Are they going to update the images for season 2, I wonder. Also, another warning—there is some graphic content in this again. I’ll give you some warning. And I won’t post screen caps of them.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

ANTM: Frozen is Everywhere.

You can’t escape it. Resistance is futile. Just let it go.

Last time on “ANTM”: The two main couples in the house moved in together. But people—mainly Shei—wondered if Mirjana was more into Denzel than he was to her. Lenox freaked out about having only five frames but nailed the photoshoot. Keith and Ben, not so much. Nina dropped by with Nick Cannon for their challenge. Lenox’s team won the challenge. She ended up with best photo while Keith and Ben fell into the bottom two. Ben was sent home. Ten models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?