Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Tale of Laptop Woes

I have had a stressful couple of weeks when it comes to technology. I swear, if my phone gets any funny ideas I'll either scream or cry.

Maybe both.

Our story starts a couple Sundays ago, when I went to see Hello, Dolly. I came home and booted up my laptop, doing some writing before I took my shower. When I returned, my computer had gone into sleep mode and because it was temperamental, I had to turn it back on. That's when I got to the problem.

My laptop asked to do a disk scan and I agreed. Everything seemed fine as it rebooted...but then the log in screen never appeared. Instead, all I saw was a black screen and my cursor. Clicking, alt ctrl delete and rebooting the computer didn't do anything. I couldn't log in at all. So I decided to switch to the laptop I had gotten for Christmas, a small one that also turned into a tablet so I could take it when I traveled, and let my other laptop rest for several hours.

When I got home Monday evening, I checked my laptop. Unfortunately, I got the same black screen and had to concede that my laptop had died on me. I asked my dad if there was a way to retrieve the items off my hard drive but he wasn't sure since I couldn't log into Windows. It seemed I lost a lot.

Yes, I was pretty close to tears and cursing myself out.

I sent the question about ways to retrieve items off my hard drive to the IT guy at work and he agreed to give a look. I brought it my laptop and he confirmed it was dead. He's still trying to retrieve something off my hard drive over a week later.

Anyway, so now the computer I got for travel is now my main laptop. It's fine. I just now need to get used to it. And since it's relatively new, I figured it wouldn't give me many problems.

Boy, was I wrong.

The following Sunday evening, I returned from dinner with my mother and aunt and booted up my laptop as I got ready to watch the Emmys. My computer flashed a blue screen that said "Recovery" and told me that there was an error in booting up. I needed to reinstall some files and drives. But I didn't have a disk to do that, so I had to contact Dell.

I was connected to a tech support guy, who guided me through some diagnostic tests. Once we confirmed it was not my hard drive (thank GOD!), he told me we would have to download Windows on an operable computer and then upload it to my laptop. Unfortunately, the USB drives I had were either too small (4 gig) or too big (64 gig), so I had to pick up either a 8 or 16 gig drive to continue. So I was still without a computer as Sunday went into Monday.

On Monday, I had training in Basking Ridge, NJ, so the route home took me right past my local Target. I made a stop there and was able to pick up a 16 gig USB drive. I got home and emailed the tech support guy, who said he would call me after 9 PM. He kept his word and we were soon downloading Windows.

It took five hours but everything was soon up and running again. I thanked him and he sent me to bed since it was almost 2 AM. So I was able to set everything back up the next day.

So I lost a few blog posts I was going to post and I now have to recreate. Hopefully, I'll get them up...soon.

Just wanted to give you all the head's up!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

So, remember a couple years ago when I looked into a few of Sean Maguire’s non-OUAT projects? I decided I was going to try to look into some other cast members’ other projects as well…and then I get distracted. But let’s jump start things with Jennifer Morrison and Albion: The Enchanted Stallion.

So saddle up and hang on for SPOILERS!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Once Upon a Time: Season 7 Spoilers/Speculation/Whatnot

Filming for Season 7 of "Once Upon a Time" has begun up in Canada and set watchers have started posting pictures. Adam Horowitz has started posting episode titles on his Twitter. The past two weekends have been filled with cons--first D23, Disney's big convention held every two years, and then San Diego Comic Con. All of this means that we're starting to get some ideas of what the new season will look like.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Disney Vacation Thoughts: Addendum

This is a continuation of my post here because I remembered I forgot about this on my commute home Thursday evening.

Disney needs to update their hotel rooms. And that surprises me. Usually Disney is on the forefront of the service industry so it’s weird to find them behind on this front. What are they behind on?


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Disney Vacation Thoughts Round Up

I went on a vacation to Walt Disney World last month and wanted to blog about a few things. There won’t be much rhyme or reason to how I put everything together, so please excuse it.

  • It’s time to update the Carousel of Progress. I know people panic every time it’s closed, even just for standard refurbishment, but it’s time. Watching the final scene, it struck me how dated it is. Sarah’s laptop looks so old and clunky. Controlling household items with our voices is reality now and more advanced than the skit lets on. And daughter Trish mentions a car phone. No child is going to know what the heck a car phone is. And I’m pretty sure this was created at a time when car phones were giving way to cell phones, so I’m not sure why it was included in the first place. So, yes, it’s time for a change.
  • (Also, it’s totally Sarah’s fault the turkey got burnt, not John’s. She’s the one who programmed the oven and didn’t know that it would respond to any numbers he said. That’s very inconvenient, isn’t it?)
  • Can we get something that appeals to picky eaters on the menu? Something beyond rather spicy chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and hamburgers? Maybe some good salads? Sans cheese or Caesar dressing? Just something that we can order without having to remove nearly everything else. Just…please think of the picky eaters. Please.
  • Also a pastry wall in every hotel would be great. Like the one in Pop Century. I love that thing.
  • Please work on the bus schedules. I mean, most wait times are pretty good. However, there were a few times where I was definitely waiting longer than 20 minutes for a bus. I waited close to 45 minutes for one to the Magic Kingdom because I had just missed an earlier one. My sister missed the park opening because there was such a long wait between Magic Kingdom buses from Riverside. So maybe see which parks take longer to get to from each hotel and add more buses as needed?
  • Does the Frozen ride really deserve such a long wait? (The answer, in my opinion, is no).
  • Disney Springs is a mall.
  • More places to get milkshakes please. My old place no longer has the machine and I’m sad.
  • Also, I think it's time to update the ending video of "The American Adventure." We need to take Lance Armstrong out. 

I think that’s it for now. Just a few suggestions from what was otherwise an enjoyable trip.

Anyone else have suggestions?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pandora: A Whole New World

Confession time: I was not a big fan of the movie “Avatar,” James Cameron’s big spectacle several years ago. I found it overrated with it not really giving a fresh take on a plot I’ve seen before (one friend calls it “the live action Ferngully”). I believed it was more celebrated for the technology than anything else.

As a fangirl myself, I could understand why it had such a devoted following. It was a whole new world with a new mythology to explore. Pretty much a fan’s dream come true. I’m sure the fandom is still there, creating and expanding the universe. (Hi, Avatar fandom!)

Cameron himself plans two sequels, which keep getting pushed back. But he also partnered with Disney to bring his world, Pandora, to life in the Animal Kingdom. That debuted last month over Memorial Day weekend. Guests staying at a Walt Disney World hotel during the month of June were invited to spend time at Pandora during special hours (11 PM to 1 AM). I was such a guest and decided to go visit the new area my last night there.

And I’m glad I did.

Friday, May 19, 2017

More Time for Timeless

Last week was a crazy one. Jennifer Morrison announced she was leaving Once Upon a Time, it got renewed but most of the cast was joining Morrison in exiting. And amongst all of that, NBC cancelled Timeless.

So come Saturday, I desperately need Eurovision--even if I'm American. Four hours of Europe getting drunk off its ass while performing some weird pop songs? Sign me up!

As I got ready to tweet about the craziness, I saw some good news on my Twitter--Timeless had been uncancelled by NBC! This is an unorthodox move we don't often see from networks and usually not so soon after cancellation. (I'm thinking Jericho here). But Timeless' fanbase was pretty vocal. We kept the show trending on Twitter for almost twenty-four hours after cancellation. So NBC realized they made a big mistake.

Here's to more adventures with Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus. Hopefully we'll be able to find Amy, figure out what happened to Jessica and see if Wyatt and Lucy ever get together.

And I promise to try and finish my recaps of the first season.