Sunday, December 14, 2014

OUAT: Under Pressure

Last time on “OUAT”: Emma freaked out about her out of control powers and decided to ask Gold to take them away. Regina and Robin had a night of passion followed by a day filled with her helping locate Emma while him tried to find more information about the storybook for her. Hook tries to stop Emma as does Elsa. The latter succeeds while the former loses his heart to Gold. Robin discovers something that could change everything for Regina. In Arendelle, Anna and Elsa plot to take down Auntie Ingrid but she gets the drop on them. She casts Shattered Sight on Anna, which is how Elsa ended up in the urn. Rumple stole the urn back and the Apprentice sent Ingrid into our world to wait for Emma. Now, she’s casting Shattered Sight on all of Storybrooke.

Duck for cover, here comes another curse.

(You think the residents of Storybrooke are used to this by now? Like the rest of them are like “Oh, another curse? Must be Thursday”?)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

OUAT: Those You’ve Known

Last time on OUAT: See my recap for Part I.

And now onto Part II!

Emma arrives at the Abandoned Mansion at the edge of town. You know, the one Belle and Gold honeymooned in back in the premiere. She meets up with Gold, who has set up the hat in the ballroom. He tells her all she has to do is walk through the doors. Emma asks him what he would do. He tells her he wouldn’t do it. But then again he’s power hungry and only looking out for himself. He’s not to be trusted. Which should be Emma’s cue to RUN AWAY.

She doesn’t.

(Seriously. Not to be trusted)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

ANTM: Let’s Hear It For the Boy

This past cycle on “ANTM”: It was another cycle of girls vs. boys! Romeo seemed to have an eerie power to send people home…until he broke the show’s “no physical contact” rule and got himself eliminated. Mirjana fell in love with Matthew until he rejected her after learning she had a boyfriend. Then she moved on to Denzel while Kari and Keith started flirting before she was eliminated. Chantelle was brought back before the models went to South Korea. Tyra addressed Adam’s drinking while the models didn’t like Chantelle. It’s boiled down to four finalists, but when we last left off only a few minutes ago, someone was about to go—Lenox or Keith. Who will get to walk in the final runway and compete for the (dubious) honor of “America’s Next Top Model”?

Find out!

Wanna be on top?

ANTM: Welcome Back

Last time on “ANTM”: The final five had to learn lines in English and Korean for a challenge with Korean soap opera stars. Adam flubbed up, Lenox let her nerves get to her and Keith charmed Clara for the win. Then the guys imitated Elvis while the girls imitated Marilyn Monroe in their photoshoot. Adam surprised everyone by rising to the top while Lenox and Shei landed in the bottom two. In the end, Lenox would go on to represent the girls in the finale. Four finalists remain, who will be crowned America’s Next Top Model? 

Find out!

Wanna be on top?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nostalgia Nook: The Santa Clause 2

It’s December! Hopefully you aren’t sick of Christmas yet. We have twenty days to go. Enjoy the season!
A few year’s ago, I wrote about “The Santa Clause,” the movie staring Tim Allen as a man who lost sight of what was really important until he became Santa Claus. It has since become a Christmas classic. But it took some time for the movie to get a sequel. (I think Tim Allen’s legal troubles probably played a large role in the hiatus). So, how’s the sequel? Let’s take a look.

You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not shout, I’m telling you why—SPOILERS are coming to town!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

OUAT: The Mirror Blue Night

Last time on “Once”: We learn more about Ingrid and her sisters. They tried to keep Ingrid’s powers at bay and support her though they do pay a visit to Rumplestilskin. After a tragic accident, Gerda traps Ingrid in the urn. In Storybrooke, Emma captures Ingrid, a plot by Ingrid to mess with Emma’s head. Make her doubt her family and their love for her. When her powers go haywire, it looks like Ingrid might be right. Emma flees as her loved ones worry. Meanwhile, Robin gives into his feelings for Regina.

And Marian is still a popsicle.

Friday, November 28, 2014

OUAT: Trapped in Ice

Last time on “Once:” Emma wants to know more about Sarah Fisher and why she’s so obsessed with her. Robin wants to know why Regina’s avoiding him. That answer is that she can’t unfreeze Marian so he’s just going to have to fall back in love with his wife. Belle reveals she knew Anna in the past having met her while on a quest to discover how her mother died. Anna learns that Auntie Sarah is really Auntie Ingrid, who was one of her mother’s two sisters. Auntie Ingrid captures Anna while Belle feels guilty she didn’t help her friend. After a run in with the Snow Queen’s mirror, Belle comes clean to Elsa. They discover Ingrid is trying to replace her sisters with Elsa and Emma.


Saturday, November 22, 2014


Last time on “ANTM”: Chantelle continued to rub everyone the wrong way. Kelly set the models loose on Seoul for go-sees. Chantelle didn’t win many people over and Will was too tall for the clothes. Keith and Lenox did the best but Keith won the challenge. After a photoshoot for shoes, Keith continued to stay at the top. Adam and Chantelle fell into the bottom and Chantelle was eliminated for a second time. Five models remain, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out!

Wanna be on top?

Ms. J pays a visit to the Model Suite! He tells them about Korean soap operas. And the models are going to be in one. Lenox is not thrilled about that, saying she gets nervous. Ms. J then reveals some of the script is in Korean. Keith is nervous about not remembering but he vows to make them like him. Ms. J tells them they are the top 5, the competition is on and they are not friends now. He wishes them luck.

Everyone studies their script. Will says he has to pretend to be straight again and is nervous. Adam is focused and says he can memorize lines easily. He celebrates that he doesn’t need the script and everyone is like “Wha?” Will and Lenox think he’s going to get in his own way.