Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Wish for Christmas

This week we look at one of this year’s new offerings. Once again, it stars Lacey Chabert, who is easily turning into Hallmark’s darling. I’m not complaining though because Gretchen Weiners deserves all the work.

So grab a cup of hot chocolate, don your gay apparel and beware of SPOILERS!

Sara (Lacey Chabert) works at a marketing firm as a junior web designer. When we meet her, she is bringing coffee in for some coworkers and is ignored by everyone around her as she holds open the door and then is pushed away from the elevator. She is forced to wait for the next one but is able to meet up with her friend Molly (Andrea Brooks, who was Charlotte in Once Upon a Time’s second episode this season). Molly asks Sara if she can help her with a project and though Sara protests that she has a lot of work, Molly gets her to agree.

One of their coworkers, Brian (Eduard Witzke) joins them and thanks Sara for bringing in coffee. As the elevator opens again, their boss Peter (Paul Greene) enters. He is on his phone and talks about Christmas not happening. The other three pretend not to listen in but all three fail. Peter gets off the phone and asks Brian to work Christmas. Brian agrees and then Paul asks Sara about the present she’s holding. She says it’s for the Secret Santa at the office party later before blathering on about how much she loves Christmas. It gets awkward fast and everyone looks happy to get off when the doors open.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Boyfriend for Christmas

Our Christmas celebration continues with another Hallmark gem. Santa makes a promise and, though it takes some time, he keeps it. But will romance really blossom or is it doomed?

All I want for Christmas is SPOILERS!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Once Upon a Holiday

This one is a bit of a twist on the “A Princess for Christmas” formula. The woman is already a princess and the man is a regular American. So it’s already a step up then some of the others, but is that all it has going for it? Let’s find out.

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in SPOILERS!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Snow Bride

Our Christmas in July celebration continues with another Hallmark classic. And this one starring Jill Taylor!

So, grab your wedding dress and watch out for SPOILERS!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Nostalgia Nook: Halloweentown III

I know, I know. I kinda let the Nostalgia Nooks die. Mostly because I didn’t really have the time to write them and I ran out of interest, honestly. But I wanted to stick to posting about the Halloweentown franchise to celebrate Halloween, so here I am!

Hop on your broomstick and avoid the SPOILERS!

Marnie Cromwell (Kimberly J. Brown) has a plan to bridge Halloweentown and the mortal world: an exchange program! She talks to the Halloweentown council about letting some students from Halloweentown come learn at her high school in the mortal realm. The council, though, is a bit apprehensive due to legends of the Knights of the Iron Dagger—a group dedicated to destroying everything magical. Marnie assures them that the plan will work and in the process, bets all the Cromwell magic. So if it fails, her entire family loses their magic.

Uh oh.

Marnie starts to have doubts but her grandmother, Aggie (Debbie Reynolds), assures her that everything will be okay.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

OUAT: Facade

 Last time on “Once”: We revisited Cinderella and learned more about Ashley and her stepsisters. Well, mostly her stepsister Clorinda. Clorinda was awful to pretty much everybody, but especially Ella. She was even the one to dub her “Cinderella” after burning a dress that once belonged to Ella’s mother. It led Ella to discover a key to the Land of Untold Stories but she chose not to use it to escape her sad life.

At the ball, she met Snow and danced with the prince. But her stepmother taunted her, making her misinterpret a moment between Thomas and Clorinda. Heartbroken, Ella fled the ball and was ready to go to the Land of Untold Stories when Clorinda stopped her. She told Ella the prince loved her and Clorinda loved his footman, Jacob. She was running off with him. Knowing her stepmother, Ella gave Clorinda the key to use.

Lady Tremaine continued to use her mind tricks and manipulation on Ella, getting her to reveal where Clorinda went before breaking Ella’s shoe. But Thomas and Snow tracked her down. He knew it was her and proposed. She accepted before going to stop her stepmother but it was not to be. Lady Tremaine used the key, dragging Clorinda into the Land of Untold Stories in order to keep her from marrying Jacob.

In Storybrooke, Ashley asked to see the list of refugees in order to see if she could help. Later, Thomas reported her missing to Emma and explained she found Clorinda’s name on the list. He believed she was going after her stepsister. Emma, Hook and Henry tracked her down and she explained she was trying to right a wrong. She ran off as the Evil Queen came out to taunt Emma for her trembling hand and failing magic. She then sent the trio to the town line.

Ashley found Clorinda at a farm and it seemed she was going to get her revenge on Ashley for ruining her life. Lady Tremaine too, until she revealed Jacob owned the farm. Clorinda turned on her mother, who tried to shoot Jacob. Ashley took the bullet as Emma, Hook and Henry showed up. With Henry’s encouragement, she was able to heal Ashley.

As Emma decided to keep living and not worry so much about her visions, she asked Hook to move in and he agreed. Snow and Charming decided to find out what normal in post-curse Storybrooke is, with Snow deciding to go back to teaching. Regina worked with Jekyll to find a way to destroy their other halves while Rumple tried to connect with Belle.

dun dun dun!

Rumple works on a watch in his shop but grows frustrated. He stares at the scissors in his hand before disappearing behind the curtain. When he emerges, he has short hair! Yes, Rumple decided to give himself a makeover.

(Robert Carlyle was filming Trainspotting 2 over the summer so the show decided to accommodate his new do).

(He looks so dejected)

Tis the Season!

I know, I know. It's not even Halloween yet. You know who doesn't care?


They've started their Christmas movies, which will now run straight through to after the New Year. So if you're ready to skip Halloween as well, tune in! 

Starting next week, I'll be posting recaps of some of Hallmark's movies. So stay tuned for that! 

Ho ho ho! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Timeless: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Last time on “Timeless:” We met Wyatt, a soldier; Lucy, a history and anthropology expert; and Rufus, a coder. They are enlisted to help retrieve a time machine that’s been stolen by escaped convict Garcia Flynn. He goes back to the Hindenburg and prevents it from exploding as it landed in New Jersey so that he could blow it up while it’s returning to Europe—with several high ranking Americans onboard. With the help of ace reporter Kate Drummond, they are able to thwart his plan though the Hindenburg still blows up hours after it originally did. Flynn gets away, Kate unfortunately dies though from a gunshot wound not a flaming dirigible crashing onto her like in the cold open, and our heroes return to the present. However, Lucy learns that the change made to history has serious repercussions for her—her mother is no longer dying, she’s apparently engaged and her sister, Allison, no longer exists.

Uh oh.

We open in Ford’s Theater, where a production of “Our American Cousin” is being performed. John Wilkes Booth downs some alcohol at a bar before entering the theater, where Lincoln’s body guard is also drinking. The bartender asks Booth when they’ll see him on stage next and he replies that it will be soon. He heads over to Ford’s Theater and makes his way up to the box where Abraham Lincoln sits with Mary, enjoying the show. The Civil War is over and though he faces the difficult task of Reconstruction, he’s going to enjoy himself. But John Wilkes Booth shoots him in the head before leaping to the stage as everyone gasps in horror. He stands on an injured leg, shouts “Sic semper tyrannis,” pretty much says the South will rise again and then makes a run for it.

In the present, Lucy’s mother is trying to get answers from her daughter. Lucy, though, says she has to go. Carol Preston is concerned and wants to know why her daughter keeps asking for someone named Amy. Lucy lies, claiming Amy is a friend from work who needs her help. This satisfies Carol and she lets Lucy leave, reminding her not to forget about tomorrow night. Lucy pretends she has a clue about it and promises she won’t.

Lucy returns to the warehouse and asks Wyatt and Rufus if anything in their lives changed and Rufus reveals his dinner with Jiya bombed but that’s nothing new. She says her sister has been erased and Agent Christopher is like “What are you talking about? You never had a sister named Allison.” Lucy holds up a locket and shows a picture of Allison. Mason is amazed that she has something from the time before history was changed but Agent Christopher snaps him out of it. She is focused on the fact that Flynn is trying to destroy American history and tells them that he’s gone to April 14, 1865. Lucy points out that it’s the day Lincoln is assassinated as they head out to get ready.