Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Astronauts Wives Club: Members’ Only

I had been intrigued by the promos for this show for some time now. The 1960s? A group of women banding together? Romance? Intrigue? Promise of angst? Count me in! Having a summer series can never hurt, right? So enjoy these recaps!

They threw A LOT of characters at us in forty-two minutes (give or take a commercial). So I’m sorry if I don’t know everyone’s name right off the bat. The astronauts and their wives should be easy because—hey—they are historical people. I can look up their names.

Let’s begin.

It’s May 5, 1961 and a rocket carrying Alan Shepherd has just been launched by NASA. If all goes well, Shepherd will be the first American in space. As the rocket climbs into the sky, the camera pulls out into a living room.

Sitting on the couch, holding her breath, is Louise Shepherd. She watches her husband slip beyond Earth as a man sitting next to her asks her for a comment. He’s a reporter for Life, who has the exclusive interview with Mrs. Shepherd. Louise doesn’t say anything.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nostalgia Nook: Pocahontas

Twenty years ago this week, Pocahontas opened in theaters. It had large shoes to feel, being the Disney movie that followed The Lion King.  Expectations were high. And while Pocahontas had a decent showing, it wasn’t the same megahit as the movies before it. It also pissed off a lot of historians.

And now we’re going to take a look at it.

Can you paint with all the colors of the SPOILER!

Monday, June 22, 2015

OUAT Season 5: Wishes and Thoughts

In a couple weeks (July 8th), the cast and crew returns to Vancouver to begin filming Season 5. Writer and co-producer Jane Espensen has already tweeted that the writers are back at work. So that means one thing:

Time to speculate!

***Please note, these are only my  pure conjecture. I have no ins with the writing staff nor do I possess a crystal ball.***

I feel like we might need a time jump, like between Season 3A and 3B. Mostly because we can’t keep pretending Henry is thirteen when Jared just turned fifteen—and looks it. He’s almost taller than Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla. Let’s get Henry to high school.

Or at least give him a friend. Just someone his own age that he can be a kid with.

Please? What have Ava and Nicholas been up to? Can’t we bring them back? Even if it means a recast?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gigi: Paris is Paris Again

Once again, I asked to go see a Broadway musical for my birthday. Unlike last year, I got to see it in my birthday month. I wanted to see Gigi and so we went to the Neil Simon Theater, ready to head back Paris during the Belle Epoque.

Unlike last year, I took forever getting this review out. I did want to get my once upon a time recaps out first.

So this is now being posted almost two months after I saw "Gigi" and on the same day it sadly closes. The Tony bloodbath can be awful some years.

Thank Heaven for SPOILERS!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Updates

This has been a good week for us Oncers!

On Tuesday, it was announced that both Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader had been promoted to the regular cast. I was expecting Sean's promotion but Rebecca's took me by surprise. Not that I'm not excited about it, though. With Rumple no longer the Dark One, Storybrooke needs a standing villain. (Though I'm still not sure Blue is on the up and up).

(No more of this though. Robin is Regina's. Got it, Greenie?) 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

OUAT: Everything is Upsy Daisy

Last time on “Once:” After we see how Isaac became the Author, he then rewrites everything so that the heroes are the villains and vice versa. It’s heartwarming to see that Regina is considered a hero here as Isaac is determined to keep her from having a happy ending. If she does, everything is undone. So Henry works to get Regina to kiss Robin as she tries to stay one step ahead of Evil Snow and Evil Charming. Regina is determined to leave the Enchanted Forest, especially as Robin is marrying Zelena (ugh), so Henry sets out to find Emma, who is trapped in tower.

A tower that looks taken straight from Tangled.

Anyway, Henry has to get to said tower. So what does he do? Seek out Hook, of course! He finds the man on the Jolly Roger but it’s soon clear that Hook is not the captain. No, he’s a lowly deckhand who serves the real captain—Blackbeard. Since this is Rumplestiltskin’s happy ending, Hook is a coward. Which makes sense since that’s why Milah accused Rumple of being and why she left him for Hook. Henry takes charge, knocking Blackbeard out and telling Hook they will sail the ship. Hook isn’t sure he can do it by himself but Henry assures him he had a good teacher. “You,” he says. The cowardly pirate looks a bit confused.

(Aww, they wobbified Hook)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

OUAT: Topsy Turvy

Last time on “Once:” Emma and Regina return to Storybrooke with Lily, Robin, an unseen Roland and Zelena. Regina immediately threw her sister into a padded cell in the hospital before going to collect the Author. She’s going to have him rewrite the story and give her a happy ending at last. Which means getting some blood from Lily, who is trying to leave town after her reunion with her mother didn’t go as she anticipated. Namely, Maleficent wasn’t as interested in revenge as Lily was. Maleficent asked the Charmings for help and in the process, Mary Margaret is injured. After a heart-to-heart with Hook, Emma forgives her mother just as Lily gives her mother a chance.

In the Enchanted Forest, Cora Freakin’ Mills returned from Wonderland, saying she wanted to help her daughter find true love. Regina reminded her mother that she killed Regina’s true love. But Cora had a run in with the captain of the SS Outlaw Queen, Tinkerbell, and knows about the Man With the Lion Tattoo. She offered to find him but instead found the Sheriff, disguising him as the Man With the Lion Tattoo. Regina saw through him easily and he admitted that Cora promised him he’d be king if he got her pregnant. Regina believed it was a plot by Cora to steal Regina’s throne and so she took a potion to sterilize herself. As Cora returned to Wonderland, she told Regina that she did want Regina to be happy and she wanted her to have a child to experience the joy of motherhood. She told Regina that she is the only one standing in the way of her happiness.

This finally sank in as Regina was about to have the Author write Zelena out of existence. Regina decided to not stand in her way anymore, revealing her happy ending to be the fact that she finally belonged in the world. And Robin was a part of that world, making for some relieved Outlaw Queen shippers—this recapper included. The Author disappeared, going to Gold’s shop in order to change everything and give the villains their happy ending.

Whew! That was one packed episode, wasn’t it?