Monday, February 8, 2016

The Red Dress: A Psychological Thriller

I know, I know. I said I would give Sean Maguire a break. But LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) aired this movie on Sunday, January 24th, and of course I watched it, despite some hesitation because I know the fair LMN airs. So, how was it? Let’s take a look.

Beware sneaky husbands, supposed friends and SPOILERS!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Galavant: There Aren't Giants in the Sky

Last time on “Galavant:” Richard continued to make trouble for Galavant and learned that Roberta was a childhood friend of his. When Galavant learnt this, he plotted to get the two together in hopes that Richard would then focus on Roberta rather than him. Dinner, though, was disastrous and it didn’t seem to work on Richard. Roberta, however, did fall for Richard. Or rather, she was already falling and realized that he was dense.

Or agreed with my theory that Richard is gay and in love with Galavant.

Madalena was invited two a roast held by two powerful queens and was horrified to learn that she was the one being roasted. She then walked home and when Gareth learned of her humiliation, he exacted revenge. Touched, Madalena and Gareth realized they might have deeper feelings for the other.

Isabella was still happily making wedding plans but Gwynne was having a hard time adjusting to life in the palace. So she and Chef left.


Richard wakes Galavant to introduce his friend to Tad Cooper, his lizard. I’m sorry, his dragon. Galavant tries to get the king to see reason and that Tad Cooper is probably an iguana. But definitely not a lizard. In the end, he loses his cool and unleashes on Richard once again. This time, Richard takes Tad Cooper and goes off to sing a sad song. It ends with him being captured.

(Is there a problem?)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

OUAT: Season 5A Wrap Up

So, the first half of season 5 is over. How was it?

Overall, not bad. There were many good episodes in fact. But at the same time, it was a bit of a letdown. I don’t think this storyline fit the half-season arcs they’ve been doing. The Dark Swan deserved a full season.

Why? Let’s count the ways:

Character development

We got a lot of character development…for Hook. Over eleven episodes, he fought for Emma and then had to fight for his very soul. He sunk to his darkest as the Dark One and nearly did in every hero on the show. But then his love for Emma and his desire to be a better man for her won out. He sacrificed himself for her and her family, dying a hero.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Galavant: Poor Bobbi

Last time on “Galavant:” Richard discovered his palace had been taken by his subjects and turned into a new town. He also discovered that they realized they didn’t need him and now had a democracy. Richard tried to figure out his new place in his kingdom while Galavant tried to drum up support to raise an army to rescue Isabella. In the end, the people decided not to do so but one woman, Roberta, agreed to go after Richard’s impassioned plea on Galavant’s behalf.

In Valencia, Gareth was being plagued with nightmares starring Richard. Sid got him to realize he was feeling guilty over his betrayal of his king and friend. He then helped Gareth (and Madalena) finally get some rest.

Isabella moped about after Galavant’s (supposed) diss. Her parents hired a wedding planner and Isabella agreed to plan it. The wedding planner, Wormwood, had evil purposes and took control of her with a magic crown. His goal? To take over the kingdom. He’s evil.

Will the others’ suspicions be enough to stop him in time?

Galavant and Richard are in tense negotiations. Things seem to be going well…until Richard opens his mouth. He ends up causing a fight that Galavant and Roberta have to end. Good thing this democratic/communist community believes in teaching the women to fight as well! In the middle of the fight, Richard realizes that he knows Roberta. He goes to tell Galavant that she used to be one of the children his parents paid to play with him and marvels at the fact they’ve been reunited. Galavant, though, is more focused on not dying. They manage to get away and flee into the woods.

(Now's not the time, Richard!)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Galavant: Democracy!

Last time on “Galavant:” Galavant and Isabella worried that their one kiss wasn’t all that great and maybe their romance wasn’t as strong as they believed it to be. When Galavant found a way to talk to Isabella, everything went wrong and she ended up brokenhearted. Richard, meanwhile, learned of Gareth’s betrayal and was brokenhearted. But they pressed on to Richard’s castle…only to find it gone. Meanwhile, Isabella returned to her room and agreed to marry Harry—unaware Galavant was coming to get her.

Meanwhile, Gareth and Madalena argued about how he decorated the throne room and about their differences in general. They agreed they both hate Sid and went from there.

Also, I came to the realization that Richard is gay and in love with Galavant. And I ship it.

Send help. I have way too many ships in my armada as it is.

Anyway, Richard is miffed that his palace is gone. So naturally, he wants to go find it. And Galavant goes along in hopes of getting Richard’s army so he can storm Harry’s kingdom and rescue Isabella.

They come across a village and Richard says there seems to be something very familiar about it. He hails a peasant, played by Matt Lucas. The peasant is very excited to see Galavant and less so to see Richard. But Richard ignores that to focus on one thing: What the hell happened to his palace? Turns out the reason the village looks so familiar—it is the palace.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Galavant: Can You Hear Me Now?

Last time on “Galavant:” The entire cast, crew and creative team were surprised they got a second season and the cast sang about it. After the song, the Good Pirate Bonneville’s ship was destroyed when Richard chose the wrong spot to land. The pirates sent him and Galavant on their way and they stopped at the Enchanted Forest, where Kylie Minogue made a shirtless Galavant perform and Richard serve drinks. But Richard’s Uncle Keith broke them out and they continued on their way.

In Harry’s kingdom, everyone but Isabella enjoyed freedom and good life. She was still trapped in her “room,” waiting to marry her young cousin. Meanwhile, Sid ended up working for Gareth when he was employed to help Gareth get the recognition he deserved from Madalena: King of Valencia.

Also, John Stamos briefly returned as Sir Jean Hamm. It was blink and you might miss him.

Moving on, we’re back to square one with Galavant and Richard. Namely, the king is annoying the knight with his all his incessant whining. Richard plops down on a log and needs a rest, while Galavant once again tries not to strangle him. Galavant then apologizes and admits he’s missing Isabella. Richard points out that they only shared one kiss and it wasn’t even a good one. Galavant argues that…until he starts to reconsider everything.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Galavant Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

When last we left this musical comedy, our characters were separated. Madalena was still in Valencia, ruling with Gareth, as Sid languishes in their dungeons. Chef, Gwynne, Jester and Isabella’s parents are in Prince Harry’s kingdom while Isabella stays locked up, awaiting to marry her very young cousin. Galavant and Richard went off with the Good Pirate Bonneville’s crew, escaping Valencia to head back to Richard’s kingdom.

Time for the season 2 premiere, titled “A New Season or Suck It Cancellation Bear.” Awesome.

We open on the ship of the Good Pirate Bonneville as Galavant and Richard moan about how long they’ve been at sea. Pretty much all year, since it’s been a year since the first season of Galavant. To cheer himself up, Richard asks Galavant to sing his theme song again. He starts but the pirates stop him. Apparently he’s been singing it a lot and they are sick of it. Six of them walked the plank voluntarily last week! They say it’s a new season so it’s time for a new song.

(Welcome back, you two!)