Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OUAT: Pulled Together

Last time on “OUAT:” Henry was busted for shoplifting but Regina and Emma both realize he was framed by his so-called friends Ava and Nicholas. Emma realizes they have no parents and are on their own. She goes on a search for their father but Regina tells her to take them to Boston to separate group homes. Emma does find their father but he doesn’t want them. So she reluctantly heads out of town when her car breaks down. When their father comes to fix the car and he sees his children, he realizes he needs to be in their lives and agrees to take them in.

In the Enchanted Forest, Nicholas and Ava were Hansel and Gretel. When their father goes missing, the twins are discovered by the Evil Queen. She sends them on a mission to retrieve something from Emma Caulfield’s House o’ Treats. Emma Caulfield tries to eat them after Hansel falls prey to the lure of her delicious cupcakes but the two outwit her. Regina offers to let them live in the palace with her and while Hansel seems all for it, Gretel says they’ll never live with someone as awful as her. So Regina sends them away and then releases their father, who she imprisoned, wishing him luck in finding his children again.

As Emma and Henry enjoy a late night slice of pie that no doubt would send Mayor Mills into a rage because Henry snuck out again, a stranger on a motorcycle pulls up. He asks for a place to stay as Emma and Henry stare in shock.

August has arrived.

Speaking of him, Henry finds August fixing his motorcycle outside Regina’s house. He asks the man questions and he really doesn’t give him any answers. Regina comes out of the house and is alarmed, like any mother would be, to find her son talking with a stranger. She hurries down the path but August drives away before she can question him. She asks Henry if he knows who that was and Henry shrugs.

(Concerned!Regina is concerned)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ANTM: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Last time on “ANTM:” The models had an acting challenge where Devin and Ashley failed to impress the CW executives. After a night trying to use ASL, the models felt they had a better understanding of Nyle. They then filmed a commercial on the beach. Lacey rose to the top again while Devin and Ashley fell into the bottom two. In the end, Ashley was eliminated. Nine models remain—who is eliminated tonight?

Find out!

Lacey goes into the Tyra Suite to get her TyTyTip. She warns her not to get too sleazy when getting too sexy. So she gives Lacey some tips as Lacey says she feels some jealous eyes on her now.
Mikey and Devin stare at a picture of Ashley. Mikey is heartbroken and Devin says DMA took a big hit. Now they’re just DM. Devin says he has to try and reign himself.

Meanwhile, Bello asks Courtney if she wants to go back to Mikey now that Ashley is gone. She starts laughing and she reveals that she has a crush on him. Don’t do it, Courtney! You’re better than him! She skips around the house in a dress she borrowed from Hadassah. Mikey says he only likes her as a friend and Devin says she would bring them down. They leave her alone.

Hadassah confides in Justin and Mame (shocker, I know) about Bello, saying that she feels he liked her better when she wasn’t doing well. And now that she’s doing better than him, she’s not sure where he stands with her. Bello meanwhile soaks in the hot tub and says he liked getting a 10 from Tyra. He focuses on that and says he’s going to win and he’s coming after everyone. As he walks while staring at himself in the mirror. He might be practicing his angles, but seriously, Narcissus?

Wanna be on top?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

OUAT: Family Always Finds Each Other

Because after four seasons, you do realize that’s one of the messages of the show, right?

Last time on “Once:” When Regina tried to appoint Sidney the new sheriff, Emma decided that she wanted to be sheriff and ran against him. Gold offered to be her benefactor but after saving Regina from a fire, Emma realized that that might include things she wasn’t too happy about when she suspected he set the fire. Emma just wanted to be a hero for Henry, who took Graham’s death hard. In the end, Emma won the job though she may not be free from Gold just yet.

In the Enchanted Forest, we met Rumpelstiltskin, the town coward with a teenage son he wanted to protect from the Ogre War. He listened to Wormtongue and went to steal the Dark One’s dagger from the Duke. After stabbing the Dark One, Rumple learned it was Wormtongue and that he was now the Dark One. Using his powers, Rumple got revenge on the soldiers who mocked him and kept his son safe. Except Bae didn’t look too thrilled with dear old dad’s new powers.

Got it?


Sunday, September 20, 2015

ANTM: Fooling Around

Last time on “ANTM:” Things got tense between Mame and Hadassah, with arguments that went into three rounds. Meanwhile, Ava decided she was through with the drama and felt drained.
Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson stopped by to help with their challenge—creating a campaign for SimplyBe. Nyle won the challenge and he celebrated. Courtney struggled and got overpowered by Devin. She and Ava were quite shaken. Everyone had to pretend to be possessed by high fashion for the main photoshoot. Nyle managed to also get the first callout while Ava and Courtney fell into the bottom two. In the end, Ava’s confidence sent her home. Ten models remain, who will be eliminated tonight?

Find out!

Everyone returns home as Nyle goes to the Tyra Suite. In her video, Tyra does some sign language before turning it over to Ramon. She tells him not to get stuck in fine and to be fierce. Lacey says that Nyle is a good model but that he’s getting frustrated with all the fighting, feeling lost. You’re not missing much, Nyle. Trust me.

Courtney and Mame read a card left on Nyle’s bed with him, saying that he should be prepared for an evening of “signing and dining” with his fellow models. I’m intrigued. Go on. He says that he’s interested because he feels he struggles with communicating in the house. That when he’s surrounded by the deaf community, he’s pretty popular but that he’s having difficulty being surrounded by hearing people all the time.

Bello and Hadassah discusses his look for the next day and he says that he’s serious about the competition, unlike some other people. Yep, it’s time for Bello’s Whine about DMA this week! He once again notes that Ashley has joined the “Mean Girl clique” and that they are cocky and loud.

But Ashley says she doesn’t want to get too cocky because she needs to stay focused. Ashley talks about her sister Ming-Ming and wanting to start over, to let her walls down and move on as a person she is proud to be.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

OUAT: The Quest for Power

Last time on “Once:” Emma’s rejection of Graham after discovering his affair with the mayor sent him drinking. When he kissed her, it sent him into a spiral of memories. Graham went searching for the truth and a concerned Emma tagged along for the ride.

The memories Graham recovered are about him as the Huntsman. He was raised by wolves and was shunned by the others for preferring the animals’ company. He was a man of honor but who would kill if need be. The Queen ordered him to kill Snow but he couldn’t after reading a letter she wrote to the queen. Instead, he sent the princess running for her life and tried to fool the queen. It didn’t work and so she took his heart, keeping him for her own tasks…and sexual pleasure.

In Storybrooke, Graham didn’t find the answers he was looking for but did find the strength to stand up to Regina. He ended it with her and she blamed Emma. When Graham continued to choose Emma over her, Regina crushed his heart and Graham died in a heartbroken Emma’s arms.


We open in the Enchanted Forest as Rumpelstiltskin sits at his spinning wheel. But he’s turning wool into yarn, not straw into gold. A young boy runs and tells him that they have come for someone. Rumple grabs his walking stick and limps out of his cottage after the boy.

Soldiers pull at a young girl while her parents try to hold her back. They insist that she’s too young, that she’s not yet sixteen. The soldier replies that the Duke lowered the age to fourteen and so its time for their daughter to go fight in the Ogre Wars. Her parents continue to plead for her to stay until they suddenly can’t breath. The guard smiles, saying the Dark One thinks their daughter is going to fight. Rumple and his son turn to see a figure all in black using magic in the distance.

(Cue the dramatic music!)
With the parents incapacitated, the soldiers ride off with their daughter. Rumple holds his son, Baelfire, closer as the boy points out his fourteenth birthday is in three days. He says they’ll come for him and Rumple says they’ll find away to keep him safe.

Monday, September 14, 2015

ANTM: Call the Exorcist!

Last time on “ANTM:” Bello and Mikey nearly got into a fight and then later on, he got pissed off when Courtney told Ava something he said. The models learned about covering up their flaws to prevent the need for retouches. At panel, Lacey came out on top while Hadassah and Dustin fell into the bottom. His good looks couldn’t save him and Dustin was sent packing. Eleven models remain, who will go home tonight?

Find out!

The models return home and Lacey celebrates her photo and notes it was au naturel. Lacey invites Nyle to join her in the Tyra Suite and he talks about having to step up his game and bring it in his confessional. As he and Lacey celebrate, Mikey says that he’s coming for her and that being deaf may make some people avoid hiring Nyle.

Upstairs, Ava asks Courtney not to tell her if anyone is talking behind her back again. She says it hurt her and Courtney says that starting that day, she was going to stay out of house drama. Bello, though, calls Courtney sneaky and says she listens to people’s conversations and then goes to tell the person they don’t like. We see clips from last week as Ava reinforces that she doesn’t want the drama, that it’s too draining. Courtney agrees.

Ava talks about her life and about being home schooled. She says she’s experiencing the outside world for the first time and she can’t handle the drama. She needs to pull herself back.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

OUAT: The Hunter and the Haunted

Last time on “Once:” David returned home from the hospital but still couldn’t remember anything. He was still drawn to Mary Margaret so he made the decision to leave Kathryn and try a relationship with her. Mary Margaret wasn’t too sure but Emma convinced her to go. On the way, David was misdirected by Regina and ended up in Gold’s shop. Using a windmill that had once been on the Nolans’ lawn, Gold brought back David’s cursed memories. David let Mary Margaret down and returned home to Kathryn while Mary Margaret had a one night stand with Whale.

In the Enchanted Forest, we met Prince James, a noted monster slayer. He agreed to slay a dragon for King Midas but got killed seconds later. King George, desperate to save his kingdom, called upon Rumple—who had given James to the king when he and his wife couldn’t have a child. Rumple agreed to bring the king James’ twin brother, David. David only agreed to it to save his family farm. He slayed the dragon and ended up engaged to Princess Whatever. David said goodbye to his mother and then went off to live happily ever after with Princess Don’t Care.

Until Snow White intervened.

Meanwhile, Emma did Graham a favor and worked a night shift. As she patrolled the area, she discovered someone sneaking out of the mayor’s house. When she confronted the person, she learned it was Graham and that he had a sexual relationship with Regina. She stormed off, no doubt looking for some brain bleach to get those mental pictures out of her mind.